A brand new start

I was 10 when I first started writing diary….it was just a note i wrote to make my picnic with family memorable forever….then i was given a diary as a gift….from my paternal aunt and her husband….to start writing down my thoughts…and experiences…

It was 1998..and it all started…

It became a habit since then…for a long time…it had been like the  ‘friend’ to whom I could say anything…without any hesitation….

Then, at a stage of life….experiences became ‘clueless’…It was even very hard for me to understand ‘what’s going on’!…at that stage, i didn’t have a clue about how and what to write about those thoughts and facts….

A long time gone…..i can not even remember when was the last time I wrote even a line in my diary…

but, now…here i go again…..starting it all over again…..there are some things, now i think i know the clues….still, there are some other things,  i am looking for an answer to….

let this ‘virtual diary’ be a media to find those answers….or, may be not…




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