Mr. Cyclops’ Story


”Mr. Cyclops is an egg who never met its parents since it is born and strived to find a place for his own in the world alone. The task was harder for him being an egg, but somehow, once he managed to step into a happy life. Then one day, he got a girlfriend, Miss Violet, who added more color in Cyclops’ life, made him feel as if he were flying without wings! But, those happy days did not stay long and Miss Violet left him because she found it better to be with someone else rather than an egg! His life suddenly got poured with immense depression. And, one day, that severe depression and feeling of loneliness escorted him to the noir of the unseen; he committed suicide.”


This is a photographic work i did at my second semester of the first academic year in Pathshala South Asian Media Academy as a student of Advance course in photography. It was the course of techniques of photography and we had to tell a story under the theme ‘AN EGG’…

I chose a very simple form to tell the story…in fact, i couldn’t ( or didn’t) think of any other perspective about the theme….so, it was a very straight and linear fairy tale where the character was an egg and the story showed how was the experiences of a very short life it had!

Sometimes there has been arguments with fellow-mates and seniors, whether it should be called a photographic story, or a work of art with a medium of photography!….I couldn’t give a better answer than ‘ I did it, because i felt like it’…really it was indeed!…It was a fun doing it, and i did this story in such a time when photography was  just a beginning for me and it was more ‘fun’ to take photos than any other thoughts that provoke the medium…!





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