‘A World Apart’

One of my friend’s mother has been sick for last two days…this evening, she has been taken into CCU, as she was reported to be lacking Oxygen…

That news made me gloomy…in fact, news about anyone’s parents’ illness or death makes me gloomy….autometically, i start to think about my parents…I start to think, what would I do, if any of them fell into sickness or passed away all on a sudden!…I still haven’t  learnt to manage myself even, how would I manage my life by myself!!….

It’s not that I have a very emotion-dipped relationship with my parents…Specially with my mother..there are thousands of things I dislike about her..there are hundreds of resons of not even liking her sometimes….Whenever we start a converstion in a sunshine, it ends up in a condensation of stormy dark clouds…

But, still, there are some things that binds us togrther…some things that make me feel hopeless when i think, ‘one day she will not be there anymore…and, Oh my God!…how will i move on then???…’…

She is the one who hates many of the stuffs  i do…again she is the one who gives me the ultimate support and inspiration to do many other things….

At one time, I thought I would write a  story, about our mother-daughter relationship…Then, I have started a story;  not in words but with images…Here goes a very primary edit of a story I started on this duality in between me and my mother…I intended to explore her life…to get answers for me…for my role being her daughter…..


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