The Mousetrap at Scholastica School

To celebrate the 60th year of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’, Scholastica Senior Section Drama and Music Club is going to stage it as their annual drama this year. The Mousetrap was staged first in 1952 at West End of London and it is the longest running show of the modern era. On November 8, 2012, it had it’s 25000th show to be staged!

Here are some photos I took yesterday from the rehearsal…for the brochure…


2 responses to “The Mousetrap at Scholastica School

    • ha ha ha…i intentionally took the photos in 1.8 aperture dear…cause i wanted to give the photos a unsharp treatment…and you can not make out a huge preparation for photo shoot there…because it’s just ‘come’..’stand’..’pose something according to your character’ and ‘click’….that’s it!…i guess you would be very annoyed and pissed off if you’d go there..:P

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