‘What is love ? ‘…

The video above is from Ananta Jalil’s recent movie ‘Niswartha Bhalobasa : What is love’…This movie is no less fun than his other movies like, ‘Khoj : The Search’, ‘Speed’, ‘Most Welcome’….

I admit that no matter how big budget movie he makes, they are not at all worthy of watching in many terms. But, at the same time I also admit that Mr. Abdul Jalil Ananta has had the guts to cost a big amount of money to convey his personal messages through his movies and it is not worthless at all. It makes people laugh, it makes people mock him, it makes people make fun of his ‘everything’, yet it makes people from all classes of society to go and watch his movies at cinema halls………None other film in our industry is able to do so, like he does…in his own way…..

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