In the magic of the moment…



One thing I always love about theater is how it create magics with lights and shadows. And those magical moments are never intentional by the director, or even by the actors. They just happen, out of nowhere! .. and those sudden magics create such fantastic imagery that can only mesmerize a photographer and force him/her to believe that the almighty indeed creates moment for  photographs once in a while….

I know, I only could visualize something like that to happen, but never could have made it for real. No matter, how expert I had been in composition, and how best light designer I had with me. Such moments are once in a million, and I am just one lucky person to be there at the right time and at the right place…..

[ The photograph was taken on September 13, 2013, Friday at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. Prachyanat was playing Kinu Kaharer Thetar at the Studio Theater Hall at the event of 5 day long ‘Ganga-Jamuna Theater Festival’]


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