Excerpts from the past…

I have found some of my diaries from 7 or 8 years ago when I was re-arranging my bookshelf few days back…I was more or less 20 years of age that time, and the thoughts and theories about life were still in progress to get developed and then mature…

The following is an excerpt from things I wrote back in 2006…I was going through the lines few hours ago, and got pretty much amused to think that some thoughts in life changes completely, and some never change………



”September 10, 2006| Central Road, Dhaka


…It’s raining since morning, it’s raining all day long…And here I am sitting by the window, watching raindrops keep falling. There is a harmony in the constant shower  of the droplets which eventually is soothing my ears…The cold, yet soft wind is giving me a feeling of comfort…I  love rain…There is so much romance in rain…and, rain do make me joyful….


Sometimes, I think, and I even ask myself, or I ask to the rain itself if those water droplets are tears of the sky! Or, if they are joy in metaphor of teardrops – the tears of joy, the tears of love…


I dream of such days when the sun shines even brighter, after long rain-soaked days…And yes, after grief do come the happiness, as everyone says…This is what life is, like the rain and sun….There is tear one time, and there is joy at another…There is heartache, and then there is happiness…There is hate and there is love…


So, why should I get upset by the storm of sadness, or when someone hurt me, or when I do not get things as expected? ….There are always the brighter days…And, I should not expect that I will get the instant feedback of the things I do…I should not expect that I will get love just when I grow it in me for someone…I must hold on to my faith and keep dreaming of the brighter days…The days full of joy, smile and love…

… I just need to find happiness in everything I see…I just need to grow a positive view….I just need to love everything…


And, then I will see, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL……”




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