‘Felani’, ‘Border Killing’, ‘Target’…


”So, the nations have put barriers with barbwires, borders, boundary walls, sentry-boxes and what not! It is quite an oppression! A stomach-filling banquet following a friendly flag-meeting, a little bit of condolence, a little bit of reassurance and sometimes signing of memoranda… That is all! ”




”But, this is not the reality, if we look deep into it. It is a showcase of power, turbo-charged to secure a flawless geographical border; and if the opposite part of the border happens to be less powerful, the degree of power-play and violation gets a gradual increment.”


”Bangladesh-India border; an expanse of a vast area happens to remain busy in a regular mutual communication for socio-economic reasons. And, it is India that takes most of the profits by chance, much more than Bangladesh can ever take. It is again the Indians, who, in the name of border security, do not hesitate to take on to bullet-storms on innocent lives day after day. And, it is they, for whom poor, forlorn ‘Felani’ hangs from the barbwire in the frontier, lifeless, like a hashed kite. The no man’s land showers in her innocent blood. The killer gets discharged as innocent, and, ‘Felani’ lies in our head, fanged to a trident engraved with the pillars of Ashoka….”




[ Text by Azad Abul Kalam( Actor, Director)]

[ The photographs are scenes from Prachyanat’s street improvisation ‘Target’ based on the event of border killing in India-Bangladesh border. The drama symbolically presents an unreal game of killing in the Indian border; where, the victims are not villains, but some god-damned ‘human’.]




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