A glimps of Durga

No Dhak, no dhol, no shonkho..in all the puja mandap, all i hearded is loud Hindi songs..Even when the arati is going on, people down-stage are dancing with hindi songs…

I miss those pujas, with mesmerizing beats of tambours and drum,arati (subjugation), shnkho (conch), sindur (vermilion), abir ( a red hue) and all those feeling of devotion…Now, everything is there but the integral feeling of a devotion, a trans….I, atleast do not find it, despite all these decorations, color, light and every other things……..

And, today was a hectic journey indeed…with traffics, cows and mud…..May be Ma Durga can not wait to be immersed tomorrow, when she will smile with a sigh of relief…….



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