This is how I tried to take a photo of my grandpa Abdar Rashid a few months ago, from my paternal aunt’s ‘small memory box’ where she keeps all the letters she ever received from of her father!…




A sudden whim today made me give a search in Google to see if I find my any existence of my grandpa’s work in the web..and it was to my utmost surprise that I actually found a lot more than my expectation…


I found someone’s blog with a collection of Bangla rhymes and poems from different sources, including my Grandpa’s ones…There is not much of his rhymes, but it is more than enough to get surprised to see his name and feel proud..


There is nothing that remains of his writings…only a few…most of his published books that my father had were torn and binned long ago….some others from his library are long gone, either taken away, or given away to libraries etc.. May be it is time that I start to recollect the memoirs again!….


Here is the link to the writings I found, if anyone’s interested to read some non-sense rhymes!…



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