Many of the youngsters are into metal music in very recent years…black metal..death metal…thrash metal….and so on…Very interestingly, the only things they have got ‘abundant’ are the passion and enthusiasm, and for some few bands, a little bit of talent…But, they are yet to get the acceptance from a larger audience, who still  listens to the soft pops and rocks but hate metal songs because they are ‘too loud’ and ‘noisy’…and sometimes, ‘trash’…

Having been attached to a metal band has allowed me to observe these things more closely….and the more I see, the more I get amused by the clashes between the their effort and their acceptance from the society….even in the shows they do, a few ‘friends’ and ‘friends’ are what the performers have and they sit, gossip and leave the concert, without even bothering to ‘head bang’ which many of the performers crave for from the listeners…

And, with a very poor sound, a ‘not even worthy of a show’ cheap, sound-reflecting auditorium is nothing more than discouraging….



Still, metal music in Bangladesh has a long way to go…only listening to Metallica, Behemoth, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot, Iron Maiden and all the other ‘awesome’ bands and getting inspired to do metal music may not be enough…..

I would like to see to some few ‘good’ metal bands in here performing with their best sound, in the best venue with hundreds of audiences banging their head hard………..Other than that, it is just a different genre they chose to do…….

At least to me……


[ The photographs are taken from the performance of ‘Satanik’, in the Underground Carnival Band Festival in September, 2013. Satanik is a Technical Brutal Death Metal Band, which formed in 2001. They are pretty much acclaimed to the global audiences but still in Bangladesh they are in the struggling position to get to a certain fame as a ‘Metal Band’….]



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