Are ‘you’ what you wear??

Thanks to that student of mine, who out of nowhere, informed me  about the Comicon event in the middle of the class! When I checked out the event page in Facebook,the most attractive thing I found in there  was the cosplay,and definitely I went all the long way to Jamuna Future Park today to see who and how are making themselves up as fictional characters from stories, comics and even from anime and movies.

It was indeed a fun to see boys and girls making themselves up as the Joker, zombies, Superman, Batman, Naruto, Ninja, Loki, Mummy and so on….like the ones in the following photographs…

There were different stalls with t-shirts, action figures, posters even there were booths for caricatures of the superhero personality…But, the one thing I missed there was a photo booth…These cosplayers indeed would have something to cherish then, rather than all those random, posy photos with friends and fans!…

Very unfortunate that I woun’t be able to make time tomorrow to go there…definitely will miss lot more faces, or no-faces!…



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