‘Mayer Mukh’ : an ode to motherhood

‘Four Portraits : of Mothers’ by Arnold Wesker, staged by Prachyanat under the title ‘Mayer Mukh’…such a powerful play with four monologues, and this unfortunate me never get to get deep into exploring and capturing the moments..

The only reason is being a production manager of this play, and I merely get time even to watch the whole play on stage…

But, sometimes I stand by the wings, being in the backstage, and try to capture one or two of the moments that goes by my eyes…….Today, after almost a year, we had it on stage again….and I didn’t want to miss the chances, or let them just go by….

Following are some photographs from today’s show…

[ ‘Mayer Mukh’ is 24th production of Prachyanat, based on a translation of Arnold Wesker’s ‘Four Portraits : of Mothers’. This play is based on monologues that portrays four different mothers – Ruth, Naomi, Miriam and Deborah who portray a single mother (who struggls to get emotionally attached to her teen-age daughter), an unmarried old woman (who could never hold on to anyone), a partially schizophrenic mother  (who never could understand what would bring the best for her kids) and a young, happy, expecting mother (who is a shopaholic and also a ‘perfect’ housewife with dreams to make a ‘perfect’ home for her family) respectively.



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