‘The Lesson/ La Leçon’

We call it in-house production, because it is inside the house, right on our rehearsal floor of theater. But it is no less than a full-fledged theater production in any way. There are performers, set, light, costume, make-up, props and even tickets for the show. It is like a practice of what happens in the shows in theater halls.

After almost one and a half year, there was an in-house production on the go yesterday. Hats off to the team for their effort and absolutely for running the engine again! Let’s hope that the wheel goes on for a long way ahead.

following are few photographs from the performance. The play was adapted from French playwright Eugene Ionesco’s  one-act play ‘The Lesson’.

[ The Lesson is a one-act play by Ionesco, first performed in 1951.  The play has been regarded as an important work of the ‘theater of the absurd’, for which Ionesco is popular in the realm of theater. ]



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