About : Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and others…

Final drama production of the school of acting and design is always a ‘being nostalgic’ part of my membership in Prachyanat. Ah! it’s been five years! 10 more batches after mine!…Only two from my batch, Wafi and I are still the last survivor from my batch!…Regarding the fact that Wafi is still connected through her ‘active member’ husband in the group, I am the one still holding on being active, being a sole representative of my batch!…It a heavy duty, sometimes it hurts too!…Isn’t it unfortunate enough to be a member of a ‘negatively remarked’ batch of a school???!!…And yes, that’s a different story, so let’s skip that part….

…and let’s come to the part that on 13th of January, 25th batch of Prachyanat School of acting and design have completed their six months course by performing William Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’. The original plot of the play was blended with director ABS Xem’s introspected addition of a new yet parallel story. He combined the original war story with a very contemporary event followed by an inter-university dance competition by keeping the same mood in both time and action.

Following are photographs from the performance of ‘Coriolanus’ by the students of 25th batch. They rocked indeed, with whatever they have learned in last six months!…Three cheers for them!


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