Nepal Diary : On the streets of Kathmandu

I liked the city of Kathmandu…i loved the smell of simplicity in there…the hills around…simple people…tourists…market places….marvelous wood works…shoyombhunath…poshupotinath….the holiness…Kalvoirob…hot lemon…momo….coctail…..and the neatness above all!…

We stayed there for two nights, the night we arrived Nepal, and the night before we depart…We only went to the Shoyombhunath stupa and the Poshupotinath temple on our way to Nagakot…We stopped at Bhaktapur, but the time we spent was too little to inhale the beauty and craft of the ancient city….There are yet many other places in Kathmandu which I didn’t get the chance to go and see this time….

…I hope to go there once again, i want to live in that city longer, i want to walk every corners of the city, not as a tourist, but as an observer….



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