Nepal Diary : Nagarkot and road to Pokhara

The view of sunrise over the Himalayan range from Nagarkot was the best experience of the whole tour. And, no doubt! this is absolutely one of the greatest experience of my life so far…It’s mesmerizing…the feelings sure is beyond description!….

We stayed at Nagarkot one night, and left for Pokhara the next morning… Yes, for long 7/8 hours it was a boring journey…the view of never-ending mountains and Trishuli river too seemed less attractive at one point….But, we still didn’t knew what was actually waiting for us on the way!…

When we were about half an hour distance from Pokhara, the evening all on a sudden became horrifying and thrilling at the same time!…Our car hit a man trying to cross the road…later we knew that the man himself was drunk and the driver is innocent…that was a relief for us, though we got a new driver with a new car…and the rest of the night was just a time lapse of comforting ourselves of the events and shaking it off the shoulder to start a brand new day with no memories of it!…..


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