Reminiscence : 1

If I had a chance to turn back time and go back into a past life, I would definitely choose my high school days….without any second thought….

I still feel that I have passed the best days of my life in school, specially the high school days in Holy Cross. Whatever I have become today, whatever philosophies I hold today, whatever morals i have today is the reflections of the things i have learnt from my Alma mater…I believe I wouldn’t be any better if I were in any other school….My school friends are the ones I still cherish, my school day memories are the ones that shine on my mind with a glittering smile….the classrooms, the voluntary works, the functions, leadership, escaping classes, emotional letters, friendship, broken heart, tears, joy, reunion, sports field, volleyball, baseball…..what were those days!….

And,now, very strangely, I have been  rolling myself as a school teacher for last 2 years!..and how strangely I am still rolling in….

Below are photos from annual sports of this year in the school I am working in. Being a student of photography, I always get the privilege to take photos of the different events in school, and I try to prevail myself to the opportunity at my best!…This time, it was too dusty and too sunny on the field in all three days of hit and final sports day, but still the kids had no bounds in enjoying themselves to the fullest….i envy them!…i envy them a lot!…

[I admit, I am not a ‘good’ teacher in terms of many criteria that judges so, but I admit, again and again, that my being a teacher is indeed one of the best things that happened in my life so far. Now I understand clearer and clearer what my teachers did to me, and every time I get a new realization, my heart becomes heavier with gratitude to them…I care, but I do not dare to assume what feelings the students hold for me in their mind. I always ask myself, ‘ How much am I taken for granted to my students? …To what extent?…Will they ever miss me if I go far far away from everything all on a sudden???’…Yes,  they tell me that I am very friendly, but still I enter every class with shaky heart and fearful thoughts of rejection ! – ‘What if they never remember me!’…’what if i never get the same gratitude I have for my teachers after all these years!’…I care too much, because none other than these kiddos are the ones with whom I laugh with a fresh heart even in my saddest days…they are the ones being with whom I forget all the ‘troubles of being adult’ and reminiscent into my  golden days of teen-hood. They happen to be ‘mirrors’ with the different faces that reflect the faces I have known all my life, letting me learn about my past days in a newer dimension and move forward with newer thoughts and goals…]


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