DOG,WOMAN,MAN : of relationship ~ their, yours, ours…

Man says, ” I was always good with definitions, a game I was good with playing. All the women I had ever been with had received an immediate definition from me. They had names, occupations and probable IQs, they had measurements, beds and smells and sometimes tears and sometimes demands, impossible demands from my point of view, but they escaped in time from my definitions and left me sitting alone with my classification table, perplexed and rejected.” …

Then the woman utters another time,  ” And if anyone asked me to give an account of my first days with you, I would have noted that I fell in love at that moment when we were collecting your things from your apartment, a moment preceeded by many such long moments of uncertainty and fear.” …

And the dog wonder, ” If all the men and women had to take turns being happy and unhappy. How did they keep it up for so many years? Perhaps the more time passed easier it became, each of them knew when it was their turn.” …

DOG,WOMAN,MAN ~ it’s a story of relationship between two person living in a urban setup. And, between you and me, this is a story we see from time to time, in your friends’ life, or in a relative’s or sometime even in your own life!… This play has lots of things to remind you of, or to boost your realization of things your are experiencing or have experienced.

They met up whimsically, fell for each other with the passage of time… at one time, ego took place in between and they began to make scores in beating each other down in pain and turmoil. Ego became bigger in the scene, rather than making each other understand of what they want. Each of them felt happier to see each other wretched, even though they started each morning together….

Finally, they came to a compromise…the man decided he had nothing more to expect and the woman agreed. Both came to the conclusion that ‘ may be it’s liberating when you have no choice anymore!’ … So, let everything be as it is now…


And I feel somewhere in my heart, ” Yeah! let it be! At least, it will be relieving to think that I will never loose you !” …

[ DOG,WOMAN,MAN is a contemporary theater initiative hosted by Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, based on a German script adaptation by Sibylle Berg. Original story is ‘Liebe Pur’ by Yael Hedaya. Reetu Sattar was on direction. The following links may be helpful for you all, if you are interested in knowing more about the drama…]ডগ_ওমেন_ম্যান


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