Story behind a story

Executing a plan in your own way is never easy, even harder when you are the end who wants it most. But, at the end of the day, when you achieve something better than the ‘ worse’ you expected the whole thing to be, it’s satisfactory . You can at least sigh out of relief that were at least on the track … In mid June, I, along with teammates from the photography team Chocolight ( worked on a pre-wedding photo-shoot of a couple. We put extra effort to the whole planning of set up and composition, because we wanted to make their story special. Yes, there were many things that didn’t go as expected, but there were other things which occurred as more than expected. Below are some photographs of how it was done. You can have a glimpse of events from the whole day of production.

Well, the Chocolight team has recently made a behind the scene video too. And, that is something that describes the whole scenario of the production better. Here is the link for the video : And it always feels good to be a part of such interesting works .. 🙂


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